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School Council

This year’s School Council members are:

Year 1/2: Joshua & Lila; Year 2: George & Rosie; Year 3: Stanley & Ruby; Year 3/4: Elliott & Gracie; Year 4: Louis & Violet-May; Year 5: Bella & Elliott; Year 5/6: Etson & Tilly; Year 6: Kyle & Keira.

Throughout the year, they take your views and ideas to meetings with Mr Skinner, Mrs Waller and Mrs Poulton, and will help make decisions about the school.

Recently the School Council ran a spring flowers photography competition. Thank you and well done to everyone who entered, we raised £19.50 for the Red Cross.

The quality of the competition was really high and we loved looking at all the entries. Our Key Stage One & Foundation winner was Ben (Yr2) and our Key Stage 2 winner was Freya (Yr3). Other entries that were runners up and highly commended were: Adelaide (Yr5), Safia (R1), Sophie (R1), Bella (Yr5) & Ben (R1).