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Upper Key Stage 2


Year 6 Crucial Crew

On Friday 3rd March, Year 6 attended the annual Crucial Crew event, held at Morgans school. The children took part in a variety of scenarios designed to help them think carefully and keep their wits about them in tricky situations. They considered scenarios such as train safety, fire safety and also cyber-bullying. Year 6 class then produced as assembly to share their work with the rest of the school after half term, which they wrote themselves!

Year 6 Norfolk Trip

March Science Week Year 5 Glaxo Trip

On Tuesday Year 5 visited GSK in Ware. At first they told us what they do and how they do it. They make pills and toothpaste.We arrived, we got asked questions and we also got to learn exactly how ice melts. After a man named Andy showed us how to use Carbon Dioxide to make a container explode. Next another man called Andy showed us how to make toothpaste using different chemicals (it looked like vomit).

By Lennon Pearse


When we went to Glaxo we were shown some experiments like how Carbon Dioxide has to be -80 degrees to turn into a solid and then we tested the Carbon Dioxide in fizzy drinks and  it started to froth up.  We also learned that Carbon Dioxide can set out fires. We tested a 1000 times as powerful laser than a normal one can blow up a balloon depending on its colour. Then we tested a black hydrogen balloon and when it exploded it made a loud BANG! It surprised or scared all of us. What Glaxo mainly do is they make medicines to help people and toothpaste but not the ordinary toothpaste. Another experiment we tested if a bottle can fly across a piece of string using Carbon Dioxide and it worked it was very powerful and the fizzy noise was quite loud. Finally on our last experiment we used a bottle again fizzed it up and see if we could hear a whisper noise. Then when our trip ended we was allowed chocolate and a drink.

We all had lots of fun and we would like to thank the teachers for us being allowed to go on this trip.     

By Harry Butler


January Holocaust Memorial Play

On the 28th we took part in commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Holocaust. We were one of 2 primary schools invited to take an active role during the ceremony and the only primary school to perform a piece! Our children created a 5 minute performance based on a book called; The Whispering Town, where a Jewish family is being hidden by an empathetic town in Denmark. The children were a credit to the school; their performance had an almost professional quality to it (with several dignitaries complementing our children and directly contacting the school) and showed the utmost respect throughout the performance.

We as a staff team are immensely proud of the determination and patience the children have shown throughout the rehearsals and performance. They have had to cope with very difficult and tragic period of our history; the children took these difficulties in their stride and delivered a powerful, thought provoking performance that reinforced the message from SACRE about not standing by.

Thank you to SACRE for inviting us to take part in this event, and thank you to the parents who have supported the children participating!

January Playleading 2016

We have been lucky enough to be joined by Clare Holman recently who is a recognised sports leader within the Hertford area. She recently coached and assessed us as part of the play leader scheme where we were challenged to create, organise and maintain a game suitable for a varying number of KS1 children. Clare introduced us to the STEP system (Space, Task, Equipment & People) to help us structure our activities. It was quite challenging at times to consider the changes our games would need to accommodate different numbers (and adults…) but we have pulled it off during our assessment! The Year 1 children joined us on the last session and we had to test our games; the children thoroughly enjoyed their games and several have asked that these be taken to lunch times during play leader time so they can continue to enjoy it!

January Tag Rugby 2016

This term we have been joined by James who is an active rugby player and coaches a local youth team in Hertford. He has been teaching us the fundamentals of rugby and, while muddy, we have really enjoyed it so far. It was quite a challenge to work as such a large team initially but we are adapting our techniques well to close gaps and co-ordinate our defence to prevent the opposing team from scoring. We look forward to the next session where we will be learning how to tackle safely and move into full games!

Adults working with your children this term are:
Mrs Cole – Year 6
Mr Wilkie – Year 5/6
Miss Dienel – Year 5

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Standen, Mrs Hobbs, Mrs Milson, Mrs Apostolos and Mr Marks.

Music: Mrs Carter