May 2017 in Outdoor Craft Club

In outdoor craft club this month we have been designing and creating our own miniature gardens! In the first week of May we were giving silver trays which we were going to create our gardens in. We used these silver trays to collect various natural materials from the school grounds to include in our gardens. Whilst we walked around school we looked for inspiration to include in our designs for our gardens.

We then had to take a little break from miniature landscape gardening as the PTFA gave us the task of creating a banner for their Family Fun Run. We all got to paint at least one letter each, in Wheatcroft blue and yellow, and everyone in our club put a hand print on the banner. As we are outdoor craft club, it was only right that we also decorated our banner with hand print flowers!

We finally got to finish our miniature gardens! As the weather was so lovely, we finished our gardens outside. Being outside meant that we could go and find some more things to decorate our gardens with, if we needed to. Many of us wanted our gardens to include a pond so we cut up foil to do this. Here are some of our beautiful gardens!