Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits

What a performance! Despite the weather appropriate for the setting, the UKS2 children performed admirably and saved Ali Baba through a combination of (awful) jokes and a genius Genie. The children coped very well with the heat and were patient with the audience as they continuously groaned and chuckled in equal measure as the evil Vizier’s plan unfolded in confusion between spaghetti and knickers! The dances from the Year 5 cohort were themed well and saw lots of audience interaction which added to the immersion of the piece; it was a pleasure to see all the children overcome their stage fright and actively involve the audience with their routines!

We would like to take a moment and thank all the staff and parents for their support and time which has created another successful production. Without your support and time, these productions would not be nearly as (terribly) amusing and fantastic!