Holocaust Memorial Play

On the 28th January we took part in commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Holocaust. We were one of 2 primary schools invited to take an active role during the ceremony and the only primary school to perform a piece! Our children created a 5 minute performance based on a book called; The Whispering Town, where a Jewish family is being hidden by an empathetic town in Denmark. The children were a credit to the school; their performance had an almost professional quality to it (with several dignitaries complementing our children and directly contacting the school) and showed the upmost respect throughout the performance.

We as a staff team are immensely proud of the determination and patience the children have shown throughout the rehearsals and performance. They have had to cope with very difficult and tragic period of our history; the children took these difficulties in their stride and delivered a powerful, thought provoking performance that reinforced the message from SACRE about not standing by.

Thank you to SACRE for inviting us to take part in this event, and thank you to the parents who have supported the children participating!