KS1 Sports Day

On Thursday the 16th of June, Key Stage 1 held their annual sports day. This year was filled with excitement, nail biting events and photo finishes, regardless of the looming rain clouds above!

All the children were very competitive and determined to win against all odds (just as much as the parents!) and were supported by our trainee sports leaders from Year 5, who worked hard to organise both the children and events.

The events included: javelin, speed bounce, hurdles, dribbling, obstacle course and the long jump. At end of the event, the children were invited to race against each other to earn some extra points for their teams. After, there was a sack race; many children tripped but they all persevered to the finish. The parents then took part in an egg and spoon race, where the mums won as the dads rushed to the finish and dropped their eggs!

The children all had a great time. A Year 2 child said, “I was very impressed that the Green team came second; that’s the best place we have ever come that I can remember!” Another said, “Javelin was my favourite because I threw it past the final cone!”

The children clearly enjoyed themselves and wanted to say a big THANK YOU to the staff, children and parents who supported them during their race and made the day possible.