Roman Battle Day

As part of our history topic, we have been re-enacting great events in roman history. We planned invasions of Brittania, and went out onto the playground to have a go at the tortoise, and marching in formations. We defended ourselves from Celt attacks. Then came the day of truth, could we defend New Verulamium from Boudicca and her hoards? Several Romans were whipped for leaving their positions, and the celts prepared a riotous ambush in the forest school. It was hard to stay together and in formation in a real attack, and we had a hard time defending our standard bearer.

In the end the Celts had a go at destroying our settlement, all our villas with central heating. By the end of the topic, we knew a lot more about the realities of Rome, and only a few of us wanted to sign up for twenty five years and become centurions!