World Book Day

World Book Day at Wheatcroft was particularly busy this year and actually spread over 3 days! On the Wednesday members of the PTFA were busy sorting the hundreds of books that the children had brought in for the famous Book Exchange. The books were sorted into their suitability for each phase group. The quality and number of books was very impressive!

On World Book Day itself each class went into the hall to view and buy the books. Brisk business was done and the PTFA raised more than £400!

Towards the end of the day parents came into school to share their favourite books with the children. It was lovely to listen to all our visiting story tellers and to hear why their chosen book were particularly important to them. Books ranged from comics (so many that children in Years 5 and 6 were able to take some home) to fairy tales and books that they had shared with their own parents when they were children.

On Friday 4th March there was a World Book Day sharing assembly. Two members from each class told the school about the things they had enjoyed about World Book Day, the books they had bought and were already enjoying, as well as the stories they had enjoyed listening to told by the parents.

We would like to thank members of the PTFA for all their work in setting up and leading the book exchange. Many thanks, too, to all those parents who came into school to share their favourite books. Hopefully, everyone will have been encouraged to keep exploring the rich world of reading and books!