Year 5 Fire Service Visit

This week, we had a visit from the Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service. All the year 5 children took part in this. Here is what two children had to say about the afternoon:


‘It was really fun. We first learnt about hoax calls and how they could cause other people to die by diverting the fire engines away from a real emergency. We then learnt about Stop, Drop and Roll. Some of us got a bit silly rolling around but it was great fun and we learnt how to put out a fire by smothering the flames. The last thing we learnt about, was where you should put a smoke alarm in your house. We all thought the best place was the kitchen but we found out that the alarm would be going off every time anyone cooked!’  By Lily Gray.


‘It was amazing how quickly a room could burn from a small fire. A whole room was on fire in less than 3 minutes. It was all so, so much fun to learn about where you should put a fire alarm, particularly if you only have one. We found out it should go in the middle of the hallway. Also we found out that people do prank calls to the fire service. If they do this too often, the firemen and woman are able to freeze your phone to stop this happening’.   By Suzy Anderson.