Year 5 Project Week

Whilst year 6 were taking part in their residential, year 5 enjoyed Project Week. Our theme was ‘Wonderful Wheatcroft’, which involved spending lots of time outside. We constructed instruments from natural materials, practised our camouflage and also conducted outdoors Science. A great week!

We started the week off with Heart Start; this is a course for children to improve their first aid knowledge to the next level that involves saving lives! We recapped the recovery position and moved swiftly into CPR. Miss Dienel and Mr Gascoine shared some techniques with us, and while we found it difficult to begin with, we soon got the hang of it and now cannot get the ‘Staying Alive’ song out of our heads! Miss Dienel said she felt more comfortable around the school knowing there were lots of talented and confident first aiders nearby to help, Mr Gascoine was not so convinced! He regretted this later when helping the children saw some wood…

Next, we created a natural orchestra using only resources from the forest. Mr Gascoine shared some of his instruments with us such as a rain stick and didgeridoo which inspired us to have a go making our own. We split off into groups and worked as a team to find the key components of our instruments. Our instruments ranged from gyros to xylophones to shakers! It was very challenging making our instruments, especially without any glue! But we all persevered and we all created something (even if it was a grass trumpet!). Mr Gascoine nearly chopped his finger off while helping some children cut their wood, he was very grateful for the high quality and efficient first aid advice he received and is convinced the Year 5 cohort know their stuff!

We ended the week with natural camouflage. We were given some simple rules and were shown how to make mud face paint but that was it. Our task was then to hide someone in our group! It was very challenging at first finding a space, but we realised quickly that we could use anything in the forest and soon had hidden our group members with great effect. It was very tough finding the other children, but we learned a lot about each other including tolerances and fears and how best we can support each other. We promised the staff we would have showers afterwards, but we are still finding leaves, twigs and bugs in our hair…