News from School December 2016

We have enjoyed a number of superb Christmas events so far this term. I hope our end of term newsletter, which you will receive next week captures the delights of Christingle, Nativities and pantomimes, and reflects the hard work put in by children and staff this term.

Those of you with children in the Nursery will be aware that Mrs Kenny is not with us at the moment, unfortunately she has taken a tumble and fractured her leg, we very much hope that she will back with us after the Christmas break.

We will be welcoming Mrs Bowen back into school next week after her maternity leave. Mrs Bowen will be looking after the Foundation Stage and working with some other groups of children across the school. Mrs Starling will continue to work with Mrs Conneely in the nursery next term.

We are however saying a sad farewell to Mr Goodman. We knew at the beginning of the year that he was planning a move and he has been commuting from Bedfordshire this term. We wish him well and hope that he enjoys what he has planned for the future.

Please find attached to this letter the summary document which the Governors have prepared based on your responses to the Parent Questionnaire distributed earlier in the term.

As you will see from the summary there are many positive statements and I know that we are taking steps to address those concerns where there are significant “don’t know” or disagree responses.

As the responses are anonymous I would advise anyone who has a concern to make themselves known. Hopefully we can resolve the issue for you.

If your concern relates directly to matters in your child’s class, the first place to go is the class teacher. If you are not comfortable with that outcome ask to speak with the phase leader: – Miss Dienel, Mr Tognarelli, Mrs Boylan or Mrs Bowen. If the matter is still an issue you can ask to speak with me, Mrs Miller (Deputy Head) or Mrs Waller (Assistant Head) who can also arrange for you to meet Mrs Tuck our SENCO. You will also find this information on the website after our Christmas update.