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Elaine Archer

I have been a parent governor at Wheatcroft school since October 2014. I am a chartered accountant and have been working in finance for the last 20 years.
I believe that Wheatcroft as a school is giving my children an excellent start in their schooling life and is encouraging good values and an openness to and understanding of society as a whole.
It takes a lot to run a school and to keep it successful and this can only be done through the continued commitment and hard work of all the people who work with the school. My reason for becoming a governor is to help ensure that Wheatcroft strives to be the best school it can be and continues to give our children an excellent start.

FULL NAME: Mrs Elaine Archer

CATEGORY: Co-Opted Governor

APPOINTING BODY: The Governing Body of Wheatcroft Primary School

TERM OF OFFICE: 15 September 2015 – 14 September 2019

Committee/s served on: Full Governing Body & Resources Committee

Details of Responsibility: Chair of Full Governing Body & Resources Committee

Relevant Business Interests: None declared