February 2017 in Reception 1

We started the month learning about Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) and how it is celebrated across the United Kingdom. We learnt that in Olney, England, people hold pancake races, running across the town, flipping pancakes. We held our own pancake races using bats and beanbags. We also had an outdoor Maths lesson based on “the Runaway Pancake” story, rolling “pancakes” (hula hoops) and measuring how far they had rolled using footsteps, meter sticks and trundle wheels.

This term our topic is the emergency services. Last week we were lucky enough to have two visits from police officers. On Monday Mrs Raphael spoke to us about her career as a police officer, showing us her truncheon, handcuff keys and high visibility jacket. On Friday, her husband Mr Raphael also visited us from the Met. We have been on our best behaviour ever since!!