March 2017 in Reception 1

This month, we continued our topic of “the emergency services and people who help us”. We have been extremely lucky to have numerous visitors talk to us about the work they do. After the visit from the police, we were visited by the vets who showed us how they look after animals. They bought a tortoise and a gecko in for us to look at and we enjoyed learning about their habitats. The visit also included watching the vets perform a pretend operation and learning how to look after our pets. We have also been visited by the fire services were we had the chance to sit in the fire engine and spray the hoses across the playground, even getting Miss Chittenden wet! After the fire services, we had a visit from Miss Chittenden’s sister to talk to us about being a nurse. We all had the opportunity to listen to our heart beats using the stethoscope and we enjoyed seeing Miss Chittenden be bandaged up from head to toe! We ended the month with a school trip to All Saint’s church to learn about the Easter story. Reverend Jo showed us around the church and told us about different parts of the story as we walked around. It was great fun – we’ve had a fantastic month!