June 2018 in Reception 2

This month in maths we have been learning our number bonds to 10. We used different resources to help us with our learning, which included numicon and pegs on a hanger. Some of us extended our learning to work out number bonds to 20.

We enjoyed our school trip to Thorndon Country Park, looking for the different characters from the story The Gruffalo. We did lots of activities along the way. These included making a home for the mouse, pretending to be squirrels coming down the tree, snake conga, making Gruffalo crumble and doing the Gruffalo cokey!  We kept cool under the shade of the trees and enjoyed a picnic lunch with all of our friends.

At school we did lots of Gruffalo themed activities. This included making pictures of the Gruffalo using the 2Simple 2Paint program, writing wanted posters for the Gruffalo and making Gruffalo collages.