Wheatcroft Vs St Marys October 2017

On the 5th October, Wheatcroft football team went to St. Mary’s school in Ware to play their first game of the season! The players were Zach,Luke T, Seb, Louis, Sam, Aaron, Mark, William and Elliot.We started off with a 2,3,1 formation and Zach and Sam were on the bench. We started off alright but their number 7 smashed it and scored an excellent goal. He had a great left foot. We kept our heads high and got an amazing opportunity. Louis hit the ball but their defender blocked it.Their number 7 got the ball again and we tried our best but he got another goal. We made a change when Zach came on for William. As soon as we got moving Aaron crossed it and Zach just missed it. After this we got another chance. Mark passed to me and I passed to Aaron, he passed back to me, I gave it to Louis who unfortunately hit it wide. We reached half time two goals down but playing really well.

Now it was the 2nd half.

We played so much better. We changed to an defensive formation; a 3,2,1. Sam came on but sadly,him and two players from St. Mary’s banged heads. I came back on and Seb passed to me, it bounced up and I hit the ball. Luckily for St. Mary’s their goalkeeper saved it. Louis, Aaron and me played really well up front. Louis crossed it loads of times but we couldn’t score until William passed to Mark who passed to me, I gave it to Louis who hit the ball and SCORED!!! We started again to try and get another. Sadly they got another from number 11 which ended the game. We tried our best but unfortunately this time came second best. After the game we got squash and biscuits.

Next week we are away to Morgans School in Hertford. We are hoping to put in another great performance!

Written by Elliott C