November 2017 in Year 1/2

In English we have been learning about non-fiction texts. We looks through some information booklets and labelled the different features such as the title, heading, sub-heading, information, contents and index. We learnt how to put words into alphabetical order to find them easier and then enjoyed an outdoor lesson, writing the alphabet and putting it into order. We also enjoyed putting ourselves into order by first name.

In Maths we have been focusing on securing our number knowledge and using existing knowledge to support our learning. We have been learning doubles, using resources to find doubles and then writing the corresponding number sentences. We also used doubles to help solve other problems e.g. if 4+4=8 then 4+5=9.

This month we also enjoyed a trip to Hertford museum. The children loved handling artefacts and becoming museum detectives. Thank you so much to all of the parent helpers and minibus drivers who supported us.

The children have been working really hard on their Christmas play this month, learning lines and songs to make sure it is really special for their families. We can’t wait for you to see it!