November 2017 in Year 2

November in Year 2 has been really busy. We have been busily learning the songs and actions for our Nativity play and we are really looking forward to performing our play It’s a Party to everyone in December!

In English we have been looking at recounts and including time words and writing in the past tense. We have written recounts about Halloween and our trip to Hertford Museum. We have also learnt how to write a list poem and wiote soime amazing poems about things we would find in different character’s pockets including a wizard, a mermaid and a troll.

In maths we have been comparing numbers and measures and deciding where different numbers would go on a number line. We have also used our knowledge about how to add  and subtract 10 to add 9 and 11 and subtract 9 and 11 to different numbers.

In Geography we have been learning about our local area and what a landmark is. At the end of November we went to Hertford Museum and took part in a museum detectives workshop where we learnt all about Hertford Castle and got to handle artefacts. Did you know that Hertford Castle had 3 moats?