November 2017 in Year 5/6

In Maths this month, we have learnt about multiplying and dividing numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. We made links with place value and how if we multiply numbers by a positive integer we move up in value and when we divide we move down. We are continuing to make links with previous learning in order to help develop our knowledge and understanding.

In Science, we have been looking at living things and identify how different plants reproduce. We have also begun investigating Jane Goodall and her work with chimpanzees in Tanzania.

In English this month we have written explanation texts to explain how earthquakes occur. We had to identify the key features and tried to use these features in our own writing. We have also explored persuasion and have written persuasive letters to Mrs Miller to ask for extra necessities at school. Some examples are as follows;


We are writing to you to ask you about a possible suggestion at school. We think the children should have more PE time such as more lessons and more clubs. Wouldn’t you like to see the next David Beckham or Usain Bolt hail from Wheatcroft?


We are writing to you because we want to build a treehouse. Everyone  thinks you are the best teacher in the world. You would be remembered as one of the best teachers the school has ever had. Wouldn’t you want that fame?