October 2017 in Reception 1

Forest School

During October we’ve been making regular visits to our forest school. We’ve been observing the leaves changing colour week by week and researching why leaves fall from the trees this time of year.

We also noticed how many spiders were around the forest this year. This led us onto going on a bug hunt and looking at bugs through magnifying glasses and drawing pictures of them in detail.

Outdoor Maths

In Reception 1 we’ve been looking at different objects, movements and natural materials we can count. Last week we went into the forest and collected autumn objects such as conkers, sticks, leaves and acorns. We then took them onto the lower playground counted them out and using calk wrote the numeral to match the quantity.

Fancy Dress Shop

After half term we were so excited to see that our new role play area was a fancy dress shop! We’ve been exploring different costumes and acting out different scenes from the stories we know such as ‘The princess and the pea’. Next week we’ll be using materials in our fancy dress shop to create Diwali outfits.


This half term our top is Celebrations. Our focus this week was on Bonfire night and how we celebrate it. The children have been creating some wonderful firework paintings, exploring the sparkling firework play dough and using 1:1 correspondence to count fireworks in maths.