October 2017 in Year 1/2

We have had an excellent time in Year ½ this month. We have now finished designing the bunting for our castles and enjoyed a morning of cutting, sticking and sewing them together. We have also enjoyed “Castle Day” this month, where children were able to dress up and make their own junk model castles. A big thank you to everyone that helped out on the day and sent in their unwanted boxes!

In Music, we have also been busy learning about Peter and the Wolf and creating our own musical instruments. We had fun decorating the bottles and filling them with various materials to create different sounds.

In Maths we have been focusing on place value, looking at tens and ones in numbers. We used this knowledge to help us understand how to make different amounts of money using 10p coins. For example, to make 41p we need four 10ps and a 1p.

In English we enjoyed reading Alice in Wonderland and got messy creating our own “Drink Me” potions in the forest. We then wrote a recipe for our potions and had great fun deciding what our potions would do.