October 2017 in Year 5/6

Sports have been high on our priority list this month as the school football and netball teams had their first fixtures. Children from Year 5/6 have featured for both teams and though we are yet to register our first win, their determination, efforts and behaviour have been a credit to the school.

We have also had our first Cheerleading taster session which gave some children who haven’t joined other sports clubs a chance to learn a new skill. They thoroughly enjoyed it and after half term there will be information coming out regarding a club starting.

Within English we have been looking at instructions and identifying key features and vocabulary that the reader can expect to see. The children began the topic by writing a ‘cold task’. This involved being given a simple instruction; please write a set of instructions. The children used their previous knowledge to write a set of instructions of their choice and as the topic progressed they learnt about imperative verbs, time connectives, sequencing and top tips. The class have written their ‘hot task’ today and created a set of instructions for a new potion, based on the book ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’.

In CLJ we have continued to learn about Mexico and looked into how life there is far different from that in Hertfordshire. The children analysed the life and home environment of a Mexican family and compared it to their own. We discussed why there may be lots of differences but ultimately many similar things also.

The children have loved investigating evolution in Science and exploring the life of Charles Darwin. Year 5/6 have learnt many interesting facts about Mr Darwin; ones not specifically linked to his work but the fact he was on the back of a £10 note and that he once ate an owl! We have also loved incorporating art within our science lessons and doing detailed drawings of different monkey faces.