October 2017 in Year 6

This month, Year 6 hosted our annual Harvest Festival. Children really enjoyed being looking after our visitors – including The Mayor or Hertford. We had to help set up the afternoon by arranging decorations, preparing food and putting together gift bags for our visitors. It was lovely to see each class perform and we even got to enjoy some sandwiches and cake.

In Science, we have written biographies about Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin was a well-known scientist, famous for his theory of evolution. We used a range of sources to gather our information to help us plan our writing.

In English, we have been unpicking features of instructional texts. Children have begun to write their own set of instructions, with inspiration from George’s Marvellous Medicines. Here are some examples of our introductions and ingredients:

Jasmine’s Marvellous Medicine

Does your annoying little sister always wind you up? Is she giving you a headache every second of each day, which is impossible to get rid of? Well today is your lucky day, the following medicine recipe will give you the treatment to cure, or even explode your sister (or sibling). The perfect revenge for anyone who drives you insane. If it’s your gruesome granny, or bossy, bullish brother, this treatment can cure any sickness. In order to prevent adverse reactions, makes sure you measure your ingredients carefully.


To effectively create this marvellous medicine, the following items and ingredients are required: bleach (a whole two bottles works best); a smoked cigarette – if it’s been smoked by your granny it will be even better; ten bottles of spit for a good texture; 50g of deadly cinnamon; a nice fresh juicy wart; one bottle of silver glitter; a sharp long toe nail and ten lengthy dog hairs.

Chloe’s Cruel Cure

Do you have a brother or a sister that really gets on your nerves? Well no need to worry anymore. Chloe’s Cruel Cure will make your siblings stop annoying you and make them nicer. Follow these instructions and you will have a brother or sister-free life – until it wears off (obviously). To ensure the cure will work, make sure that all the measurements are correct and that you follow the instructions accurately. There can be a few side effects that can happen: acting like a chicken; thinking you can fly; an extra weakness.

It stays in date after making for 14 days and can only take up to 2 spoons a day. Beware! Keep out of reach from children.


To successfully make the cruel cure, you will need the following items:

  • 1 box of fish food,
  • 3 dog biscuits,
  • 1 bottle of hair gel,
  • 3 tablespoons of hot sauce,
  • 1 rotten egg,
  • 1 tub of sprinkles,
  • 1 bottle of shaving foam.