September 2017 in Reception 1

Oliver’s Vegetables

In Reception we’ve been learning how to keep our bodies healthy through exercise and healthy eating. We’ve been reading the book ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ and exploring our Fruit and Vegetable role play shop. We also tried different fruits during in school, our favourites were mango, apple and pineapple.


In phonics we’ve been learning phase two of letters and sounds. We’re now beginning to blend these sounds to make words such as gap, map and sat. The children have also enjoyed listening to the jolly phonics songs which you can watch on our class Edmodo page!


In Maths we’ve been focusing on 2D shapes. We went on a 2D shape hunt in the forest to look for shapes in the environment. We then created pictures out of the shapes we found such as houses, rockets and a range of vehicles.


In PE we’ve been focusing on jumping and ways to travel. We’ve practiced star jumps, hopping and side to side jumps. Once we mastered jumping and travelling on the floor we challenged ourselves to jump from a height off equipment.