September 2017 in Year 3

In year 3 we have been settling back into class after our eventful summer holidays. We have spent time getting to know each other again and have been learning lots of new things.

Week of Inspirational Maths

At the start of the term we took on some problem solving activities. We worked together to find out the patterns and make our own rules for different Mathematical enquiries. This allowed us to spend time working as a team and coming up with ideas together. One of our favourite parts was making 2D shapes out of rope and 3D shapes out of straws.

Newspaper Reports

Our first English topic was newspaper reports. We spent a lot of time looking at different reports and what skills we needed to write our own. We made sure to add lots of interesting adjectives and conjunctions to make really interesting reports, we even got to make up a few of our own facts! Here are some of our own newspaper reports all about Tutankhamun.

Ancient Egyptians

In year 3 we have had a focus on Ancient Egypt, spending time learning about the people that lived then and what their lives were like. As part of this we have been exploring different artefacts. This meant looking at the object and thinking of lots of different questions we could ask about it.