September 2017 in Year 6

We have had an enjoyable, but very busy, start to the term in Year 6. The children have settled in well and looking forward to the rest of the term.

We enjoyed our residential trip to Norfolk, where we challenged ourselves and tried new things. We helped each other and worked together during many activities including: caving, canoeing, stand-up paddle boarding and climbing.

In English we have been exploring Shakespeare poetry and had a go at writing our own poems about the sea. We had to use personification and metaphors in our poems to create imagery.

In CLJ we have been learning about Mexico and have linked this to learning about Mexican food in DT. We identified where Mexico is in the world and located physical and human features. We can’t wait to make our own Mexican food.

In Science we have been learning about evolution and inheritance. We enjoyed looking at family photos; identifying genetic features we think we have inherited from our parents. We also learnt about the difference between inherited characteristics and acquired characteristics.