February 2018 in Year 1

Year 1 have been extremely busy during February and have lots to share with you!

In Science, the children have been exploring how plants grow and have planted some beans and bulbs. We are currently investigating what a plant needs to help them grow and are looking forward to noticing the changes between the different plants.

The children really enjoyed taking part in the schools Wellbeing week. They learnt why it is important to stay healthy and how they can do this. One of the class’s most favourite parts of the week was the secret mission in our Jigsaw lesson. It was important to help the children understand that wellbeing is about being happy too, so we discussed what it means to be kind to each other. Then, the children were all given a secret name and were asked to write a compliment about that person. The children were extremely happy to share their compliments with each other and we all had gigantic smiles on our faces!