April 2018 in Year 1-2

This month we have started looking at our topic of the seaside. We have really enjoying looking at everybody’s homework and finding out what beaches everyone has been to.

In English, we are have been looking at non-fiction texts. Everybody was given a seaside town in England and we used the computers to research and find out information about our places. We enjoyed finding out about the beach, what there was to do there and where you could go for some food. The children then enjoyed creating non-fiction information pages about their town. In the next week we will be putting our information together and adding a contents page, glossary and front cover to create a guide to holidays in England.

We started the term with a fantastic Science workshop about light. The children were able to make their own kaleidoscopes using mirrors and sequins and enjoyed looking through periscopes, spying on the teachers! Children were also given the opportunity to look at different light up toys in a blackout tent and to create their own show using shadow puppets. We had a fantastic time!