January 2018 in Year 1/2

This month we have really been enjoying our Science lessons. We have been learning about seasonal changes and what plants need to grow well. We started the topic by growing some cress seeds. These grew very quickly and we enjoyed recorded the difference each day. Next we planted some freesia bulbs. We are still waiting from them to grow (this is to highlight that seeds and bulbs have different growing times). Finally we planted four different bean seeds and gave them different conditions to see what would happen to each one. We found out that plants need both sunlight and water to grow well and that water was more important.

In English this month, we have been looking at stories from another culture. We focused on Africa and the children really enjoyed learning about the Masai tribe in Kenya. We located the Sahara Desert, the Serengeti Plain and Kilimanjaro mountain on a map and wrote stories based in these places.