March 2018 in Year 1-2

This month has been a very busy and creative month. We have enjoyed lots of fun lessons including forest school and making mini guitars.

In Maths we started looking at multiplication and the different ways sums can be answered. We chose a multiplication and then worked around the tables, representing it in different ways such as repeated addition, groups of and arrays. We used pipe cleaners and counters to help us.

In Art we looked at how sounds can be changed. We made our own mini guitars and changed the sound they made by adjusting the tightness of the elastic band and the size of the box. We enjoyed decorated our guitars to make them personal.

In Science we had Science week and looked at how far we could make our fish travel across the room. We used a ruler to measure the distance and created wind behind the fish using a book. We changed the material of the fish to see which material was the best. We made predictions and wrote up our findings.