February 2018 in Year 3

February has flown by and we have enjoyed so many fun times. We kicked off the month with a re-enactment of a World War 2 evacuation. This was made all the more special because of our visit from the RAF. For our evacuation, we made our own identity tags and designed a suitcase of the things we would take with us if we had to be evacuated. We then went in the hall and we acted out traditional games, we suddenly we heard the sirens! It was time to get into the Anderson shelter and duck for cover. Then off to the countryside we went, all bundled together on the train. We then wrote our own adventure stories as if we had been an evacuee and found an unexploded bomb. We enjoyed pretending to be the local hero when we found it and reported it to the police.

We also enjoyed our first week back after half term. We began with Wellbeing Week. We most enjoyed learning new things about British values that we did not know before, we also enjoyed being healthy and exercising in the activity carousel. By far we most enjoyed getting to taste different fruits that we had not all had before, including a mango!