January 2018 in Year 3

It has been lovely welcoming everyone back this January. After all the snow and rain, we have all settled back nicely into class and got really stuck in to our learning. Our topic this half term Is WW2 and the Blitz. We have spent time learning all about the people who did not go to war and helped with all the efforts on the Home Front. We have looked at posters from the time and analysed what they meant, as well as watching videos of people who lived during the time. This has led to some beautifully produced work in our CLJ books, some of which can be seen here.

In English, we have been focussing on story writing, and dilemmas in particular. We put on our acting shoes and completed a conscience alley for the Butterfly Lion, deciding whether or not the boy should risk his heart and try to find the white lion. We also wrote some dilemma stories from our own perspectives, focusing on using 1st person.

In Art, we have used our WW2 knowledge to produce some beautiful scenes of WW2. We used the watercolour paints to create a sunset sky and added our own silhouettes of scenes. We have decided to put these in our records of achievement as a permanent reminder of our topic.