May 2017 in Year 3


We’ve been following a new curriculum in PHSE called Jigsaw. This half term we’ve been focusing on ‘Dreams and Goals’. As a class created a ‘Dreams and Goals’ flower garden. We each thought of something we would like to achieve before Year Six and together we wrote these down on flower templates and made a wonderful display!

The Stone Age

This half term in History we’ve been focusing on the Stone Age. We started by looking at different tools and how people in the Stone Age used them. In partners we went into the forest school and collected rocks and sticks to make our own tools such as bows, arrows, hammers and spear’s. It was so much fun, but also made us realise how much hard work it was all those years ago!

Healthy Eating Workshop

This half term we’ve been having healthy eating workshops. In our last lesson we looked at how much sugar were in fizzy drinks and sweet snacks….. Did you know there are 34 sugar cubes in a litre bottle of Fanta?