January 2018 in Year 4

January 2018

In English, year 4 wrote some imaginative figurative poems which included using similes, metaphors, personification, alliteration and exaggeration.

Year 4 have been working on perimeter and area in Maths. And presenting their work clearly and neatly in their books.

During PSHE year 4 have created lovely flowers with their dreams and goals for the future on them.

Year 4 have been making electrical circuits and even made their own home made push, pull, pressure and reed switches.  They will choose which one is best to use in an alarm design.

In History and Art, year 4 have really enjoyed researching WW2 and the Blitz in London, painting dramatic silhouette paintings, making Spitfires to fly over London and research from home.  Year 4 have brought in fascinating facts about their great granddads, one who flew a Spitfire.