June 2017 in Year 4

The Prehistoric time has been our history topic and we have been busy studying the discovery of a Stone Age settlement in the Orkneys.  Year 4 have recreated Skara Brae using earth, stones and sticks and written news reports about it too.  They have found out about children working in copper mines in the Bronze Age, and written a diary entry. Now they are finding out about Stone Henge.

In Art year 4 have been studying Henry Moore’s sculptures and they visited his gardens at the Henry Moore Foundation at Perry Green to sketch the bronze artwork.  The guides told them some interesting things about his life and work.  It was great to go in and out of the sculptures and even touch them.  Year 4 were inspired to create their own small maquette sculptures and imagine where they might go in our school grounds to enhance the surroundings.

In Maths year 4 have been investigating algebra and using the properties of 2D shapes to sort them in Carroll diagrams

In French year 4 have been learning words for different garments and saying what they are have for example  J’ai une jupe, une casquette, un tee-shirt et une cravate!  Also what they do not have for example Je n’ai pas de pantalon et une chemise.

In PE, year 4 have been enjoying creating dances with a visiting dance tutor Mr Hogger, inspired by fossils.  They have been  learning how to perform and change  motifs in unison, canon and have used technology to show their moves using special effects.