May 2017 in Year 4

In science year 4 have been investigating and testing rocks and soil which linked well with their Mary Anning’s newspaper report writing about her fossil discoveries.  In artt he children sketched a variety of fossils in pencil, chalk and charcoal to show the shape, texture and patterns.

For geography year 4 also mapped an area of our school grounds and one at Phasel’s Wood to make comparisons and discuss their conclusions about rocks, soli and other items found.

Also in art year 4 really enjoyed painting an African Savannah sunrise with silhouettes of trees and animals and this set the scene for their Lion King chapter which they wrote in English.


Despite the wet conditions, year 4 had a great time at Phasel’s Wood working on their diary projects and challenging themselves doing archery, abseiling, zip wire and ‘crester run ’tobogganing.  After the various activities, together with sleeping in a cabin and under canvass, a good time was had by all.