March 2017 in Year 5

This month, as part of our English writing focus, we have been writing our own book reviews on Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. We included a short summary of the story, what we liked the best and why, and who we would recommend the book to. We also gave it a star rating. As well as book reviews, we have been writing our own stories in the style of Kensuke’s Kingdom. We have been focusing on structure, punctuation and grammar and we were challenged to think about descriptive writing and what techniques we could use to build up tension.

In Art we have been working on our own Bayeux Tapestry designs based on Kensuke’s Kingdom. We have been experimenting with different art techniques such as Batik, Sewing, Collage and layering. We worked in groups to create an image that represented each chapter of the story of Kensuke. Here are some examples of our Batik work.

Our MFL work has included an introduction to new words and phrases to describe places around town. We used symbols to represent each location and played a ‘Vrai ou Faux?’ game (true or false?). To help us with our learning, we played a good co-ordinates game on the interactive whiteboard which enabled us to practise our alphabet and numbers and key vocabulary.