November 2016 in Year 5

This month in Maths we have been focusing on multiples, factors and powers of 10. We have also started to learn about Roman Numerals and have been stretching our knowledge by doing problem solving using Roman Numerals. In Science we have been looking at air resistance and done a number of practical experiments to see the effect of air resistance on falling objects. This week, we made paper ‘spinner’s and investigated how quickly they fell to the ground. We then changed one of the variables and recorded whether this made any difference to how quickly it fell. Many of us found that when the spinner was weighted with paper clips, it fell more quickly.


In D&T, we have been continuing our Rocket theme and were given a brief to design a ‘junk’ rocket which would be able to take passengers into space (something which may still happen in our lifetimes!). We had great fun designing these and building them out of recyclable junk. Here are some of year 5 showing their creative sides in the classroom!


Finally, we had a visit from the Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service who taught us to ‘stop, drop and roll’ in the event of our clothes catching fire. We also learnt where to place smoke alarms within our homes to ensure our maximum safety