October 2016 in Year 5

This month in Maths we have been focusing on applying our knowledge of the four mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) into word problems. This has enabled us to think about how we use our knowledge of how to calculate, in everyday situations. We will be doing much more problem solving work as the year moves on to bring together our learning in all aspects of the maths curriculum.

In RE, we have been looking at the different symbols found in each religion, and understanding what they mean to each. For example, we found out that in Buddhism, the Lotus flower represents purity and enlightenment; in Christianity, the Dove represents peace and the Holy Spirit and in Hinduism, the symbol of clasped hands in prayer, represents a sign of respect for the sacred. We then had a go at making up a symbol which represented our own beliefs. Here are a few examples below.

October also saw the whole school enjoy ‘Bat week! Year 5 undertook a number of cross curricular activities which had a Bat focus! In maths we looked at bat sequencing where we had to spot the bat patterns and predict the next number sequences. In our English we researched the benefits of Bat conservation and designed our own posters to persuade people to help do their part in conserving and protecting the bats. Finally in Modern Foreign Languages, we were able to identify and label the parts of a bat in French, using our dictionary skills to determine whether the nouns were masculine or feminine. We learnt some new words too!

Here are some examples of our Bat work!