September 2016 in Year 5

We have had a very busy start to the new academic year, including our trip to the Isle of Wight!

In maths, we started the new year off with a week of ‘Inspirational’ maths which made us think about how learning new things and persevering with maths problems, can enable our brains to grow and develop further. In one session, we looked at graphs which did not contain numerical data along their axes and discovered a different way of being able to interpret the information. We then made our own graphs and asked our friends to try to tell us what the graph was showing. Some of us made graphs showing our favourite and non-favourite sweets, whilst others showed popular and unpopular you tubers. Here are some examples of our graphs.

In English, we have started to look at the features of persuasive writing. We had great fun planning a class debate on whether the school should continue to run school residential trips, and then persuading each other with both sides of the argument! We then wrote some persuasive letters to Mr. Skinner on the same subject and hopefully have convinced him that it is important to keep offering these trips to pupils at Wheatcroft. Here are some examples of our letters.