April 2017 in Year 5

This month, in Maths we have been looking at Co-ordinates, Translation and Reflection. We have been learning how to translate a shape on a 2D grid by moving each point on the shape systematically. We have also been revising some of our shape vocabulary as part of this work.

In PE, we have started our Cricket season by practising our catching and team working skills. We have been working with a coach from Hertfordshire Cricket Club.

In RE, we have been learning about the importance of Easter in the Christian calendar. We have been looking at the specific events during Holy week, such as Palm Sunday, the Betrayal of Jesus, the Last Supper and the Crucifixion and Resurrection. We very much enjoyed our Easter Activities trip to All Saints Church, where we were able to actively partake in telling elements of the Easter Story. We particularly liked having our feet washed and being able to bring home our own Sunflower seed representing new life.

In PSHE we have started our unit on Dreams and Goals and have begun to think about what we might like to achieve when we are older and what we might have to do to achieve these. We made our own Dream Clouds.