April 2018 in Year 5

We have been very busy in the short time we have been back from our Easter break. In English, our key text has been Shakespeare’s Macbeth, also known by thespians as ‘The Scottish Play’, since it is considered unlucky to refer to it by its name in the theatre, where it is considered that speaking the protagonist (main character’s name) will bring disaster!

We have practised our drama techniques using freeze frames for the opening battle, as well as a conscience alley as to whether Macbeth should commit the deed and murder King Duncan to fulfil the witches’ final prophecy of him becoming the new King of Scotland. It has led to some fantastic writing in role, as well as some great language use – look out for it on display in class soon!

In maths, we have been considering different ways of showing proportion, using fractions, decimals and percentages; to support our understanding, we used different materials such as base ten, counting beads and counting sticks to show different proportions of amounts. This will then help us calculate proportions of quantities more easily.

Our topic in Science this term is materials and their properties, leading to discussion of reversible and irreversible changes. To begin this, we have considered particles of different states of matter: solid, liquid and gas and how they differ in make-up. We practised this using drama; can you work out which state we are in each photo?