April 2018 in Year 5/6

In our Art lessons this term, we are looking ta graffiti and street art. We have been exploring ‘throwies’ and ‘tags’ and creating our own designs for display in the school.

Within English, Year 5/6 have enjoyed writing poetry. We took an in-depth look at the ‘Teddy Bears picnic’ poem and using our chromebooks, we researched the plight of polar bears and amended the words to reflect their story. An example below was written by Thomas Lovell;

If you go down to the woods today,

You’re sure to get a bug surprise.

Polar Bears are becoming endangered today,

It’s happening in front of our eyes.

In Science we have been investigating materials and their properties. We looked at examples of each material such as metal, paper, plastic and wood and discussed which were malleable, opaque, transparent, strong, flexible and waterproof. We made links to our flooding topic in CLJ to understand what the houses in Bangladesh should be built from to ensure they survived high floods.