January 2018 in Year 5/6

In Maths this month, we have been learning about long division and shapes. Within long division we looked at a method to help us solve calculations involving 4-digit numbers. The children used their knowledge of short division to help them. Though it was tricky at first the children showed great resilience. We have also been looking at the area and perimeter of shapes. The children identifies the area is the space with the boundaries of a shape and the perimeter is the length of all its sides. This puts us good stead for when we analyse circles in February.

In Science, we have been focussing on light and the way it travels. We have learnt the difference between reflection and refraction (ask the children for the difference) and looked at how light is made up of different coloured wavelengths. We thoroughly enjoyed making a periscope using cardboard boxes and mirrors and a colour wheel that merged the colour spectrum together.

In English this month we have explored narratives with a particular focus on the animation ‘The Piano’. The children have looked at different aspects in detail regarding this animation; the setting, indirect and direct speech, lighting, the camera angles, the thoughts and feelings of each character and questions that remain unanswered. The children will be finishing their final piece of writing after half term which I’m sure will be a pleasure to read.