April 2018 in Year 6

In Maths, we have been consolidating learning in preparation for our end of key stage assessments. We have revised how to multiply and divide fractions and have learnt about scale factors. We have also worked hard to apply our knowledge of ratio and proportion to answer problems solving questions.

For our Art topic this term, we are exploring the use of street art. We experimented with designing our own ‘throwies’ for a graffiti display using our names.

In English this month, Year 6 have really writing poetry. We have written parody poems using ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’ as a stimulus and we have worked in groups to write poems about current issues in the world. Here is an examples of one of our poems:

Another day ticks by,

Filled with trenches and guns stocked high.

As more and more men are sent away,

More and more families start to Pray


As more and more days come and go,

The destruction starts to show.

Lives are lost every day.

As the government tries to get their way.


Lots of soldiers pass by,

As worried children start to cry.

Tears roll fown everyone’s face,

As another missile is fired from the enemies base.


When will this nightmare end?

How long until our lives will mend?

Around the country joy will spread,

As ‘the war has ended’ people said.


By Louis, Poppy, Jake and Lana.