February 2018 in Year 6

Year 6 have been busy working hard this month.

In Maths, we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and how to classify them based on their properties. We had a go at drawing our own nets for different 3D shapes, making sure our lengths and angles were accurate.


In English we have been watching a video clip called ‘The Piano’ and have been working on writing a narrative for it. Here are some extracts of our work:


Giving a fake smile, I sat at the sapphire leather stool with the magnificently polished, grand piano in front of me, while my mind began to race and my heart started to melt. I sat their solitary, playing the piano delicately. I could hear the drum in my chest and I was frightened that it was louder than the piano. Like it was engraved in my heart, my desolate fingers had a mind of their own.

“Are you really there?” I softly said to my wife. There was no reply. She kissed my soft, silky skin. Seconds later, she disappeared. “What happened?” I calmly murmured to myself.


Precious memories flooded my heart as I started to play my magnificent, polished piano. Sorrowfully, my fingers bounced to each note as the dreams overtook my life. Feeling despondent, I pressed down on the firm pedals, which left me feeling neglected. The drum in my chest pounding, it seemed as though everything around me had disappeared. Although I felt depressed, I knew that the soft alluring tune would help me get through this.

“I wish she was here,” I murmured to myself whilst thinking of my dear wife. Desolation ran through me as I felt another key being touched. Was it her? To my surprise, she was there. My wife. The ghostly figure made my heart sink. Inconsolably, she kissed my wrinkled face.


This month we took part in well-being week. We learnt about how to stay healthy and eat healthily and learnt about how important it is to take care of our environment. We really enjoyed tasting different fruits and found it very rewarding to pick up litter around our school grounds. We also learnt about being mindful and making ourselves happy and loved learning about relaxation techniques. One of our favourite parts of our week, was finding out what our peers thought about us. We wrote down positive words to describe each member of our class and we were happily surprised with the results.