June 2018 in Year 6

In Science this month we have been learning about changing states. We have explored the differences between solids, liquids and gases and how to change between these states. We have also explored the definition of soluble and investigated which materials dissolve in water.


In English we have been reading Street Child and exploring the views of different characters. We have been writing in the role of different characters and have tried to use figurative language and Victorian references in our writing.


In Maths we have been completing a range of Maths problem solving activities. We have really enjoyed creating Mathematical stars using our knowledge of angles. First, we had to draw three concentric circles using a compass. We then had to identify a factor of 360 and split our circle up into equal sections using a protractor. Finally we drew our own star designs by connecting different intersecting lines and coloured our designs in.


This month we also took part in a Rocket into the Future workshop run by YC Hertfordshire. The workshop helped prepare us for our transition to secondary schools and encouraged us to feel positive about the transition.


This month we also created poppies using weaving techniques to contribute to the community project.