March 2018 in Year 6

In English this month, Year 6 have really enjoyed learning about writing non-chronological reports. We gathered information about the imaginary world of Pandora and wrote our own reports. For World Book Day, we also wrote our own superhero stories to share with Year 4.

In Maths, we have been learning about identifying angles around a point, on a straight line, and the rules of opposite angles. We applied this learning to reasoning questions, identifying missing angles in shapes and diagrams.

To end our light topic in Science, we put on our own puppet show to demonstrate the dispute between Isaac Newton and Robert Hooke, over Newton’s theory of light and shadow.

This month we were also lucky to celebrate well-being week. During the course of the week, we learnt about how look after the environment and how to look after our mind and bodies. We spent time litter picking around the school grounds to ensure our school environment was clean and tidy. We enjoyed tasting a range of different fruits and discovered our class favourite was kiwi. We also learnt about some relaxation techniques, learning how to calm our minds in order to be ready to learn.