November 2022 in Year 1

In Maths we have been learning our number bonds to 10 as well as exploring the word equivalence. We know that the = signs means we need the same amount on both sides of it. We looked at how to make number sentences balance, for example, 5+4 = 8+1.

In English we have been learning how to write instructions. We read the poem ‘Witches Brew’ and then created our own set of instructions to make a potion. We have also started to learn how to use a question mark to help us write questions.

In Science we have planned our own investigation. We are going to find out which material would be the most waterproof to make an umbrella. The material also needs to be light and flexible. We thought carefully about how to make our test fair. As well as this, we looked at how factories recycle materials and the process it goes through.

In Geography we have been learning about the weather. We used our research skills to find out what the weather was like around the world.