February 2023 Year 3

In English this month, we have explored various forms of poetry, such as concrete poems, acrostic poems and haikus. We have been trying to include figurative language such as similes and metaphors as to create a vivid image in the readers mind.

In maths, we have been exploring fractions. We have recapped fractions of shapes and how to compare and order written fractions. We have also learnt how to find fractions of amounts and how to add fractions with the same denominator.

We have been very fortunate to begin whole class saxophone lessons this month. We have been learning about notation, putting it into practise by playing pieces of music such as ‘Au clair de la lune’ and ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’.

We also spent a morning keeping fit by participating in a school-wide skip-a-thon. This was lots of fun as we were able to spend time with our friends as well as children from different year groups.